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Hiatus as a Cactus

Pardon my absence. Ever since blogger deleted my laboriously, drenched-in-perspiration, hip-hop-wannabe-rhyme-til- I-jive-to-life mightily mouthful post, (I betcha even Snoop will go cross-eyed on me) I have given up on the system, re-writing and the world totally.

Ok no need to be so drama Su.

9 to 5 job staring at numbers and signing papers, scanning and photocopying is slowly..I repeat, slowly..I repeat..slowly, I repeat again for the sake of repeating, slowly, (one more time!) sloooooowly killing my soul. The only joy I could garner is stare at the green photocopying light flashing at me while my eyes flash blazingly back as I thirst dyingly for a Heini. Or poking at the shredder with pieces of POSB applications with my mouth agape in mute fascination, most of the time rushing for blank pieces to feed that contraption as if it's some growling hungry beast at the zoo. (Which it's obviously not lah. But I would like to think it is. But it's SO not!)



Loife has been nothing short of great. Nothing up, nothing down. I have salvaged my dying soul with a little bit of reading and browsing the net in between breaks , casual dating out of the office with that cute mailboy (rolls eyes. yah, like since when did it ever happen?The only words that ever came out from me was, "Hey, you collect shoes! I've been looking at them every single day and woe and behold they come in different shapes and colors! (???!!!) The name's Su. What's yours?" - of course he gave me THAT look. The look which says it all-I may deliver telegrams every single day here but WOMAN?! Are you and that hot body of yours and zany sense of dressing with that cute kinky specs for real??!!)

One more time.


Rest assured I exagerrated the whole thing up. He was just a silent promising backdrop I would like to refurbish and expand in my world for the pain i'm dealing with daily.

So back to my short office breaks routine. Aaah..the usual mind numbing wet dreams in the office. Kwah kwah. Hey, sweet distraction from the usual manic depressive silent reverie y'all.

It's frustrating when you have got so much gruelling anecdotes popping instantly in between all that countless milo, smoking breaks and you're thinking "that'll be a good one to impress any Before Sunrise-EthanHawke wannabe" next time I get to date him so in the meantime I'll blog about it so I'll preserve memories of my witty breadth and intellectual depth and blow him away next time I get to meet him on a date. He needs to buy propecia to stop his hair falling out.(Which probably is never gonna happen but let's just leave it to chance and God's hand should he feels generous to bestow me such an opportune).

Oh dear. I'm rambling. Which is what I'm good at. *frowns* Oh Feng and Mark just brought home a kittie! Gonna name her Jenny. Now Jack's reaaaally unhappy. Well, he IS the King and 37LeeHwanTerrace is his palace. Us, his subjects. I'm gonna run over placate him before settling down for that hot plate of dinner Feng just brought back.

Take care y'all!