Top-Rated Tour Options in the USA

America has tours of all shapes and sizes. There are day tours, week tours, month tours, all of which take you to tons of amazing places. I doubt anyone ever went touring in America and didn’t end the trip with a ‘Wow!’

In this article, we’ll give you a little background into the most popular touring options America has to offer, as well as a friendly suggestion for your next long-term trip!

Golden Gate Bridge Tours

Everyone knows the famous Golden Gate Bridge. You’ll know of it from history lessons or from the many doomsday movies in which the poor thing gets destroyed!

The Golden Gate Bridge is 17 miles long and is the most photographed bridge in the entire world.

Most tours begin in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Prices vary from $800 for a week tour to $2500 for a two-week tour that takes you through several other places as well, including New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, (a must-see!) Memphis, and even Monument Valley.

Niagara Falls Tours

Niagara Falls is a massive, mighty wonder of the world! The entire place is comprised of three separate waterfalls and is so large that it’s a part of both the USA and Canada at the same time.

Tours cost from $1000 for a week tour to $1900 for a two-week tour including visiting the other side of the border into Canada! (Be sure to have the correct visa if you take this tour)

Visiting the Niagara Falls and taking the boat tour is a must for anyone from anywhere! I would recommend bringing warm clothing and expecting to get very wet!

Turtle Watching in Hawaii!

The name says it all! Touring in and around Hawaii is highly popular for a reason. The Hawaiian Green Turtle is one of the many reasons to check this place out.

There is a single tour that includes visiting the turtles. It costs $1500 and includes an eight-day tour through locations such as Volcanoes National Park, wonderful Hawaiian beaches and tons of tropical scenic spots!

Honestly, I’m now planning to go here for my next trip!

Helicopter Ride Over the Grand Canyon

If you love flying and you want to see the largest canyon on the planet, this is the tour for you. Some of the tours that include this option are also inclusive in the Golden Gate Bridge tours.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most jaw-dropping sites in the world. Sitting in a helicopter overlooking the immense size of it will leave you speechless, I guarantee it!

If you don’t like flying or you prefer to hike it, there are plenty of tours for you too!

My Tip for Your Next Trip

I’ve been able to enjoy many tours thanks to my property manager. The benefits of hiring a property manager are infinite.

Not only can you leave your home in their capable hands, but they’ll keep an eye on your tenants and earn you revenue while you’re away. You can enjoy your tour for as long as you want and come home to a full bank account thanks to the tenants that rented your property during your time away.

It’s impossible to keep track of your properties yourself and enjoy a trip abroad at the same time. A reliable property manager allows you to have your cake and eat it too!

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