Black and Decker EHC650 Chopper

The Black & Decker EHC650 Food Chopper is a small version of big food mill that almost does the exact same job a larger unit does.

It is optimal for everyday use for a home of 1 to 2 individuals. It collaborates with 2 speeds as well as has a 3 cup durable plastic container. The system gauges 5.3 x 9 x 5.1 inches as well as weighs about 2 pounds.

The tiny food mill operates on only 150 watts yet is effective sufficient to cut and dice challenging fruits, chocolate pieces, veggies, and prepared meat. It can also transform bread into bread crumbs. Slicing hard cheese and also nuts are no problem either. The device comes with a top that is simple to grip with one hand.

The plastic bowl is easy to clean as well as extremely long lasting, also for everyday usage. It is also slip immune also under running water. The stainless steel blades are dishwashing machine secure. The EHC650 Food Chopper has two switches for low and high speed for fine to program chopping as well as mincing.


Many individuals that utilize the Black & Decker EHC650 marvel that they can cut an onion under 3 secs. It is perfect for those who do not want to deal with onions and garlic by hand. Numerous like the benefit of making salad dressings on the maker or making bread crumbs in a split second when you need them. The device is very easy to take apart because it is only made of 3 components. It is also easy to put back together after cleansing.

The see-through plastic container lets you see if the food is minced tiny sufficient and you can quit the slicing on demand. The layout is ergonomic and also easy to hold. It will certainly be easy to tidy under your sink or in the dishwashing machine. The system, according to some mommies can be taken legal action against to make child food because it can dissolve some foods. It is also useful for cut challenging meat for senior individuals.

One more thing you can use this processor for is to make home-made sandwich spreads as well as cheese spreads with fresh natural herbs. Most customers enjoy the Black & Decker EHC650 Food Chopper because it reduces the prep time when cooking as well as makes you chop onions, garlic and also other active ingredients in less than half the time without holding them.


There are some feedback about food and also liquid entering crevices in plastic components. Some liquid likewise gets into the drive shaft, which according to some people makes it really hard to clean-up. Some say that if you don’t get to clean it correctly, mold and mildews will certainly start to show up. If liquid as well as food get into these tough to get to components, some customers say they invest too much time cleaning up the system.

Although there are some little design peculiarities, the device is very useful for day-to-day usage for tiny houses. It likewise does not occupy a lot of kitchen counter room. It can do what huge food mill can however in smaller quantities. The cost is additionally extremely appealing for those that do not truly need huge food choppers. If you wish to save time and effort, this would be the ideal food preparation assistant.

It will be easier to prepare salad dressings, sauces, and also infant food. The very best part is, you do not need to hold the ingredients or slice it yourself. Cutting food with a kitchen knife can be time eating for the active mommy or daddy.

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