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In Israel, sick children and infants seem to have benefited from essential oil, according to a CNN report. Lavie parush is one such child. Following a difficult birth, Lavie was diagnosed with epilepsy and cerebral palsy. As time went on, her seizures got worse and more frequent. The drugs were not helpful, and most of them also had worrying side effects. At that point, Israeli doctors suggested to Lavie’s father that it was time to try essential oil.

The Israeli Health Ministry’s position on the medical use of Herbs

As many doctors around the world say, there is no evidence for the real effectiveness and safety of the medical use of herbs. Although this is also true for Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Health has been willing to acknowledge that the use of products such as essential oil seems to help patients under certain circumstances.

How is Lavie’s treatment with essential oil progressing?

Lavie’s parents decided to give their little girl essential oil, a preparation that would disappoint any hippy looking for a high, since Lavie does not show any signs of psychotropic effects. Instead, the parents claim that the epileptic seizures stopped occurring a few weeks after the first use. The CNN report also explains that a few drops a day is enough.

An Israeli plant grower stated that this low extract is the one usually chosen by parents who prefer the medical use of it on their children.

With regard to safety

Although no problems have been documented among children who have been given essential¬† oil, Lavie is certainly one of the youngest to take it. Even Charlotte Fiji, the testimonial for the use of essential oil for the treatment of epilepsy, was 5 years old when she started taking it. While there is concern that herbs may have developmental effects, in cases such as Lavie’s, chronic attacks are a more serious and substantiated threat.


Each drug has risks to balance with potential benefits, but at the moment no data on the therapeutic use of essential oil are available. Although some studies have been conducted, randomised trials and rigorously reviewed scientifically have not yet been completed.

How effective is essential oil in the treatment of childhood epilepsy?

Among the first results still awaiting confirmation, a 54% reduction in some types of normally drug-resistant epileptic seizures is reported. CNN reports that in a test conducted by Stanford University 16 out of 19 patients saw their seizures decrease due to the medical use of herbs.

However, there is no shortage of episodes to prove this. The happy ending story of Charlotte Fiji’s use of essential oil is only the best known of many. Dr. Uri Kramer, a Tel Aviv physician specializing in childhood epilepsy, told CNN that he considers the use of essential oil for the treatment of drug-resistant epileptic seizures ‘promising’. Kramer estimates that there is a 20 percent chance of reducing the onset of seizures by 75 percent, which is higher than any other drug on the market.

Despite this, CNN points out that not all of Kramer’s colleagues agree with him, and that it will be necessary to wait for reliable evidence from future scientific studies.

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